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The Saints Will Never Come ♫

27 December
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Heaven is Having a Hell of a Time

My name is Bekka.
Call me Lush or Zombie. Whichever you prefer.
19. Female. Single.
I love zombies so much it's not even funny.
Music is an insanely huge part of my life. I cannot live without it.
I love anything rainbow-colored.
Let's be friends ☺

Current Fandoms

• Bioshock •
○ Atlas/Jack ○

• Resident Evil •
○ Wekser/Chris ○
○ Wesker/Birkin ○
○ Chris/Leon ○
○ William/Annette ○

• Left 4 Dead 2 •
○ Nick/Ellis ○
○ Ellis/Hunter ○
○ Hunter/Witch ○
○ Ellis/Zoey ○

• Harry Potter •
○ Remus/Sirius ○
○ Luna/Neville ○
○ Snape/Sirius ○
○ James/Sirius ○
○ Fred/George ○

○○ I HATE Remus/Tonks with a burning passion. ○○

• Dr. Horrible •
○ Billy/Penny ○

• Disgaea 3 •
○ Mao/Almaz ○

• Vocaloid •
○ I don't ship Vocaloids. ○

• Homestuck •
○ Karkat/John ○
○ Sollux/Gamzee (shut up, crack is awesome.) ○

• Team Fortress 2 •
○ Spy/Sniper ○
Fandom is not srs business. ☣
I laugh at my own fandoms. I do not take it seriously in the least. If you try to start any drama over the series I like, the series I hate, the characters I ship, or anything else of the sort, I will beat you to death with your own computer.

☢ I have even less patience for RP drama. ☢
It's a game. Something I do when I'm bored, high, or just want to play pretend with someone. Shut up and have fun with it.

I like making icons, so the odds are pretty good that I'll post some on here sooner or later.
Credit is only required if I drew the image in the icon myself.
If I didn't use my own art in the icon, I don't care about credit. I'm awesome like that.

created by: muscular_beaver

420, 420chan, 4chan, absol, adventure time, albert wesker, alcohol, alex mercer, andrew volpe, animal crossing, art, atlas/jack, billy talent, bioshock, blu team, bunnies, cartoons, chainsaws, chinese food, chococat, clerks, colourlovers, combichrist, cowboy bebop, cupcakes, cuttlefish, daisies, dance dance revolution, dawn of the dead, demitri martin, deviantart, dinosaurs, disgaea, doc worth, donnie darko, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drawing, egg rolls, ellis, family guy, final fantasy x-2, foxboro hot tubs, fruits basket, gamecube, gasmasks, geeks, george carlin, george romero, glowsticks, green day, guitar hero, hamtaro, harry potter, hello kitty, homestuck, hot rod, icarly, immaturity, invader zim, ivysaur, jonathan coulton, kasane teto, klonoa, lady gaga, last.fm, left 4 dead 2, leon s. kennedy, less than jake, ludo, marijuana, mario party, memes, mindless self indulgence, mitch hedberg, mountain dew voltage, mushrooms, music, nick/ellis, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, not twilight, paper mario, pokemon, porn, portal, pot, prototype, psychonauts, pyramid head, queen of the damned, questions, raichu, rainbows, randomness, resident evil, rocky horror picture show, rum, sex, shrimp stir fry, skeleanimals, slash, slenderman, smeargle, snark, sneasel, spongebob squarepants, squids, steampunk, superjail!, sweeney todd, taco bell, team fortress 2, tentaspy, tf2, the offspring, the orange box, the pink spiders, the slender man, the zombie apocalypse, urban dead, valve, vanilla coke, video games, vocaloid, vulpix, warioware, weed, wesker/birkin, wii, william birkin, xbox 360, y!gallery, yakui, yaoi, zombie movies, zombieland, zombies,